We arrived back in Blois today to see that all our hollyhocks were in bloom – and had the pleasant surprise to see that our Pierre de Ronsard roses had bloomed a second time.

La première chose que nous avons vu en rentrant à Blois aujourd’hui étaient nos roses trémières. Nous avons eu la bonne surprise de voir que nos roses Pierre de Ronsard sont en fleurs pour la deuxième fois cette année.


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4 comments on “Hollyhocks & Roses – Roses trémières et Pierre de Ronsard

  1. Kate

    What a spectacular collection of hollyhocks with coordinated colors. The wall behind the flowers is a perfect backdrop for the flowers.

  2. Stuart

    It’s great to get a warm welcome from your “babies” when you return from a trip !

  3. avril Post author

    @ William: I love them!
    @ Kate. No thanks to us. They replant themselves in the colours they choose! Did you notice the one in the middle that has crept over the edge of the wall?
    @ Stuart. For the last 20 minutes between the motorway exit and our house I am get so excited about my “babies”!

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