ldp_281_chambord_new_gardenToday we got our first glimpse of the new gardens at Chambord, though they are still in the early stages. The aim is to restore the formal gardens as they were in the 18th century so that visitors can see the château, no longer as an isolated  object, but as part of a majestic environment combining natural woodland (the park), developed areas (the gardens) and an exceptional architectural construction.

Aujourd’hui nous avons eu notre premier aperçu des nouveaux jardins à Chambord, bien qu’ils soient encore à leurs débuts. Le but est de restituer les jardins à la française dans leur état du XVIIIe siècle, afin de permettre aux visiteurs de découvrir le château non plus comme un objet isolé, mais comme l’élément d’une composition majestueuse mêlant des espaces naturels sauvages (le parc), aménagés (le jardin) et une construction architecturale exceptionnelle.

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7 comments on “Chambord’s New Gardens – Les nouveaux jardins de Chambord

  1. butcherbird86

    Sounds like a lovely way to enjoy the days after the busyness of Christmas – enjoy the down time. 😊

  2. Lesley

    Back in the 18th C there must have been a small army of gardeners to keep things neat and tidy. I hope that mechanisation and an entrance fee (!) will be able to keep the standard high.

  3. avril Post author

    @Helen – Since it is one of our favourite cycling destinations in the summer, I’ll be sure to post photos.
    @William – I’m sure it will.
    @Bill – Chambord is very photogenic!
    @Butcherbird – It was in fact our busiest day. We didn’t have any offspring for Christmas but A turned up with his girlfriend yesterday and it gave us a chance to visit Chambord on a sunny day.
    @Susan – Yes, up until now they have been very dull.
    @Lesley – The best view of the gardens will be from the rooftops of the castle which already has an entrance fee. Chambord is the only castle with free access to the grounds so I really hope it stays that way. It’s owned by the State.

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