number_13This plaque makes me smile every time I go past it on my bike.

Chaque fois que je passe ce panneau en vélo, je souris.


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Last Modified: August 22, 2013

2 comments on “At number 13 – Au numéro 13

  1. Susan Walter

    Pourquoi numéro 34 quand la plaque dit 13 ? Ou est-ce qu’un canard que je ne peut pas voir ?

    Why number 34 when the plaque says 13? Or is there a joke that I can’t see?

    1. avril Post author

      Ou est-ce qu’un canard que je ne peut pas voir ? = Ou est-ce un canard que je ne vois pas ? (le “can” est compris dans je ne vois pas).

      My capacity to turn one figure into another for no apparent reason is why I hate doing my VAT declaration. Some months, everything is perfect then on others, the total is not right and it’s never because I made a mistake with an addition. It’s always because a figure somehow took on a different appearance at some stage. I did maths at university level, would you believe! I don’t have any other connection with either 13 or 34 that I know about. I’ve corrected the title now …

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