Le bar Saint Nicolas se trouve juste en face de l’église du même nom, construite entre 1138 et le début du XIIIe siècle ; elle présente des caractéristiques du tout début de l’art gothique. Les chevaux de trait attelés aux carrioles de touristes sillonnent les rues de Blois.

Saint Nicolas Bar is just opposite the early gothic church of the same name, which was built between 1138 and the beginning of the 13th century. The horse and cart is a popular way of visiting Blois.


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6 comments on “Bar Saint Nicolas

  1. Stuart

    Nicely timed to get the horse just at the right spot ! Are you saying it took 75 years to build a bar ?! 🙂

    1. avril Post author

      That’s the advantage of using an iPhone. You can whip it out very quickly! I’ve fixed up the sentence (and taken off the extra “s” while I was at it).

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