Yesterday, I posted a photo of Campsis radicans. Here is Campsis grandiflora, commonly known as the Chinese Trumpet Vine, native to East Asia, China and Japan, which I discovered for the first time in Les Grouets recently.

Hier, j’ai publié une photo de campsis radicans. Voici Campsis grandiflora, parfois appelée Bignone de Chine (en raison de son ancien nom Bignonia grandiflora), originaire du Japon, de Chine de l’Asie de l’est, que j’ai vu pour la première fois aux Grouets tout récemment.

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2 comments on “Chinese Trumpet Vine – Bignone de Chine

  1. Susan Walter

    Quelle fortune! J’aime cette espèces beaucoup plus que l’autre. Il y a une vérsion jaune aussi, un cultivar moderne pour le jardin qu’est très jolie.

    What luck! I like this species much better than the other one. There is a yellow version too, a modern cultivar for the garden which is very pretty.

  2. avril Post author

    Correction: Quelle chance! J’aime cette espèce beaucoup plus que l’autre. Il y a une version jaune aussi, un cultivar moderne pour le jardin qui est très joli. (You can never have an accent when you have “ers” because it’s naturally pronounced è).

    Apparently it isn’t as hardy as the radicans. It actually looked pretend, which doesn’t come through in the photo. We used to have both an orange and a yellow one when we lived in the Paris suburbs. The two radicans we have in Blois (not this one which is someone else’s) don’t flower very much at all and seem to flower much later than anyone else’s too.

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