This year ,for the first time, I grew climbing nasturiums on one of our garden walls. I love the results!

Cette année, pour la première fois, nous avons fait pousser des capucines grimpantes sur un mur du jardin. J’adore le résultat ! 

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5 comments on “Autumn Nasturtiums – Capucines d’automne

  1. Susan Walter

    Have you seen the perennial nasturtium, which is also a climber? The flowers and leaves aren’t so big, but it is still a nice plant. I wonder if these ones are a hybrid of the annual and the perennial.

  2. avril Post author

    @ Helen and William – thank you!
    @ Susan – I didn’t know they existed although I did have some nasturiums that reappeared this year in spring; I’ll have to check what they are.

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