In an English-speaking country, The White Feather would probably be a pub, wouldn’t it? La plume blanche is in Tours.

Dans un pays anglosaxon, La Plume Blanche serait plutôt le nom d’un pub. Ce petit restaurant est à Tours.

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3 comments on “The White Feather – La plume blanche

  1. Susan Walter

    I’m not so sure you would get a pub called The White Feather. I can see where you are coming from — it’s a very pub-like name, but the white feather is so associated with cowardice that I’d be a bit surprised to discover a real pub called that. Off to check the interwebs now to see what I can find. I will report back 🙂

    1. Susan Walter

      A cursory check reveals one fictional pub, curiously from a TV detective series set in WWII, and one other real hotel which has recently changed its name to The Nelson. Lots of pubs called The Feathers on the other hand.

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