photo_132_roses_doorYesterday, I posted a photo of a door on the bike path from Saint Dyé-sur-Loire to Chambord. This photo was taken in the little street leading through the first doorway.The twisted trunk on the right is wisteria.

Hier j’ai publié la photo d’une porte sur la piste cyclable entre Saint Dyé-sur-Loire et Chambord. La photo d’uajourd’hui est prise dans la petite rue qui mène à la première porte. Le tronc torsadé à droite est une glycine.


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4 comments on “Pink Roses and a Blue Door – Des roses roses et une porte bleue

  1. avril Post author

    Yes, it was about 5.30 or 6 pm and the light was lovely.

  2. avril Post author

    I love coming across places like this. We chose so well when we went from Saint Dyé to Chambord. I have to go back and see the roses at Cheverny as well!

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