photo_78_back_on_bikesToday, the temperature was finally high enough (19°C) to go cycling again after a 5-month break. The flat-bottom boats were waiting for us at Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire.

Aujourd’hui la température était enfin suffisante (19°C) pour faire du vélo après 5 mois d’arrêt. Les gabarres nous attendaient à Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire.

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5 comments on “Back on our Bikes at Last – Du vélo enfin!

  1. Lesley

    Is it really five months? Did you find some old muscular friends?

  2. avril Post author

    @William – Yes, I love this view.
    @Helen – Absolutely.
    @Susan – Thank you
    @Lesley – Yes, our last completely unexpected ride was at the end of October!

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