photo_84_strange_collectionThis is not a garage sale but someone’s surprising private junk collection on the bike route from Onzain to Veuves!

Ce n’est pas une brocante mais une collection privée de veilles choses sur l’itinéraire vélo entre Onzain et Veuves !

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7 comments on “A Strange Collection – Une étrange collection

  1. butcherbird86

    Displaying your junk as part of your landscape in your garden is a novel way of getting rid of it from the interior of the house

  2. Lesley

    One man’s junk is another’s art installation.

  3. avril Post author

    @William – Quite a bit, I would say!
    @Butcherbird – I’m sure you could surprise your neighbours!
    @Helen – Yes, that was a particularly interesting ride as far as gardens go.
    @Susan – I’m sure it’s completely deliberate. That’s only part of it!
    @Lesley – Exact:ly! I like that interpretation.
    @Stuart – We thought the first half was interesting but came back along the railway line which was much less exciting.

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