I owe this photo to Stuart from Amboise Daily Photo. This time last year he posted a photo of chive flowers on his terrace and I was so taken with them that I went and bought a couple of plants. After giving us chives all year round, they now have these lovely mauve flowers.

Je dois cette photo à Stuart d’Amboise Daily Photo. Il a posté une photo de fleurs de ciboulette qui poussaient sur sa terrasse à cette époque l’année dernière et elle m’ont tellement plu que je suis allée acheter deux pieds. Après nous avoir donné de la ciboulette toute l’année ils nous offrent maintenant ces belles fleurs mauves.

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5 comments on “Flowering Chives – Ciboulette en fleur

  1. butcherbird86

    Yes those ciboulette en fleur look lovely.
    A welcome sight I’m sure.

  2. Lesley

    Funny how the onion/chive/garlic family are so attractive above ground.

  3. avril Post author

    @William – Yes, very delicate.
    @Butcherbird – And you don’t even have to look after them!
    @Stuart – Ours have already grown a lot. I’m thinking of adding them to our terrace garden at the back of the house.
    @Lesley – We grew onions and garlic a couple of years ago but I don’t remember any flowers.

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