photo_211_hazelnutsA colleague of Jean Michel’s gave him a hazelnut tree when we bought our house four years ago. This year is the first year we had a real crop. How delightful to gather and eat our own produce!

Un collègue à Jean Michel lui a donnéun noisetier lorsque nous avons acheté notre maison il y a quatre ans. Cette année est la première année où nous avons une vraie récolte. Quel bonheur de cueillir et de manger nos propres produits !

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12 comments on “Hazelnut Time – Le temps des noisettes

    1. avril Post author

      I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never cracked a macadamia – never even see it in a shell :).

      1. Susan Walter

        Two that are really productive, several others that are younger or I keep coppiced. The squirrels and I have an arrangement — they get to eat whatever they want and I get the leftovers 🙂 I expect birds sometimes take them too, but it’s mostly the squirrels, who I can hear scraping away at the shells.

        I’ll be interested to see how good the quality is this year and how big the proportion of empty shells to full shells there is. I’ve learnt a few tricks for recognising if a shell is going to have contents, but inevitably there are some I gather that turn out to be empty.

        I picked up my first walnuts yesterday too.

  1. Lesley

    Looks good. Get in there quickly before the local wildlife get to know about them.

    1. avril Post author

      They don’t seem to have cottoned onto this one. We have another one in our little wood and there is not a hazelnut left on it.

  2. sillygirl

    We never have a chance at ours – the Canada Jays and the squirrels fight over them.

    1. avril Post author

      Oh, dear, what a pity. As I said to Lesley, our other tree feeds the wildlife, mainly deer. I think this one is too out in the open. We don’t have Canada Jays or squirrels.

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