I’m pretty sure I posted a photo of these little spiky flowers last year.but I still can’t remember what they’re called!

Je suis presque sûre d’avoir posté une photo de ces petites fleurs qui ressemblent à une grosse brosse22 l’année dernière mais je ne sais toujours pas comment elles s’appellent !

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6 comments on “Sunny Spikes – Pics ensoleillés

  1. Susan Walter

    These are the seed heads of Common Teazel Dipsacus fullonum (Fr. Cardère sauvage). They are also known in French as les Caberets-des-oiseaux and birds like Goldfinches love them for their fine seeds. The flowers are pink and open in bands around the ‘cone’. A few years ago it was discovered that the plants are carnivorous, absorbing the nutrients from insects that get trapped in the leaf axils.

  2. Jane Orson

    In England they’re called Teazles. They’re quite rare now.

  3. avril Post author

    @Helen – What a name!
    @William – Now, that doesn’t often happen!
    @Susan – I was sure you’d know! We have goldfinches in the garden sometimes – chardonneret élégant.
    @Bill – I think I should grow some on the slope behind our house.
    @Jane – I wonder why they have become rare in England. I saw some more today further along the Loire.

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