ldp_274_caravan_yourteI took this in what appears to be the grounds of château de Chaumont but I really cant’t imagine why they would have a gypsy caravan, a yurt and two double armchairs there.

J’ai pris cette photo dans ce qui semble être le parc du château de Chaumont mais je n’ai aucune idée pourquoi il y aurait une roulotte, un yourte et deux fauteuils doubles.

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5 comments on “Closed for Winter – Fermé pour l’hiver

  1. Susan Walter

    I suspect it is the gardeners’ bothy, and/or workshopping area (in the sense of visiting classes). Or it’s an artist in residence’s setup. If I find out I’ll let you know.

  2. Lesley

    Perhaps they are expecting guests over Christmas.

  3. avril Post author

    @Helen – Yes, it’s odd, isn’t it?
    @William – Though I’ve seen a few yurts around now, but now in the grounds of castles!
    @Susan – But the caravan is old-fashioned. Very odd. Would love to know.
    @Lesley – LOL! Especially if it snows.

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