This is the main court room in the Orléans Court of Justice designed by François_Narcisse Pagot and inaugurated in 1824. Below you can see the outside. The sculptures and bas-reliefs are by Romagnesi. Among other things, it contains the Appeal Court where I was sworn in yesterday as an expert translator which means I can translate for the court and certify translations in French and English. It was difficult to take the top photo because of all the lights. About 20 experts in various fields were sworn in at the same time.

.Voici la salle d’audience principale du Palais de justice à Orléans construit selon les plans de l’architecte François-Narcisse Pagot. Les sculptures et bas-reliefs sont signés du sculpteur Romagnesi. Il abrite entre autres la cour d’appel où j’ai prêté serment ici comme traducteur expert ce qui veut dire que je peux traduire pour le tribunal et certifier des traductions en français et en anglais. C’était difficile de prendre la première photo à cause de la lumière. Environ 20 experts qui exercent dans différents domaines ont prêté serment en même temps. 

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4 comments on “Orléans Court of Justice – Palais de justice d’Orléans

  1. Lesley

    Congratulations on the confirmation of your expertise. What a beautiful court room, I can only hope that petty criminals do not get the benefit of it !

  2. avril Post author

    @William – It’s lovely, isn’t it and quite unexpected.
    @Helen – Thank you. It was very special indeed to be sworn in there.
    @Lesley – Thank you. I’m not really sure who gets to benefit from it.

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