0318_painting_detailThis recently restored oil painting by Marie-Philippe Coupin de La Couperie (1773 – 1851), now hanging in Blois Castle, is entitled “Valentina of Milan at the tomb of her husband Louis d’Orléans”.

Valentina Visconti, daughter of Gian Galleazo Visconti, Duke of Milan, married her cousin, Louis d’Orléans, in 1389. She was the reason behind the claims of Charles d’Orléans,then Louis XII, his sons and grandsons to the Duchy of Milian. After her husband was assassinated on 23rd November 1407, she withdrew to Blois where she died on 4th December 1408. If you would like to read more about this fascinating women, click here to read a very interesting account by fellow blogger Susan from Days on the Claise.


Ce tableau au fin détail par Marie-Philippe Coupin de La Couperie (1773-1851), récemment restauré, est intitulé “Valentine de Milan au tombeau de son époux Louis d’Orléans”.


Valentine Visconti, fille de Jean-Galéas seigneur de Milan, épouse son cousin Louis d’Orléans en 1389. Elle est à l’origine des revendications de Charles d’Orléans, puis de Louis XII, ses fils et petits-fils, sur le duché de Milan. Après l’assassinat de ce dernier (23 novembre 1407), elle se retire à Blois où elle meurt le 4 décembre 1408. 

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  1. Susan Walter

    We wrote about her recently too: Monday is Queen’s Day 7 — Valentine de Milan. She was an important pivot around which French history and royal machinations swirled. When we were in Milan a couple of years ago I looked for reminders of her, but there is virtually nothing — it’s all about Lorenzo Sforza, who usurped the Visconti family.

    1. avril Post author

      Oh, thank you SUsan! I shall add the link to the post.

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