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5 comments on “Is this familiar? – Est-ce que cela vous dit quel que chose ?

  1. Susan Walter

    Nope, but I would guess it’s some sort of cheap waterproof bathroom wall lining at your apartment.

    1. avril Post author

      Susan, you really made me laugh. In fact, this pattern, in a darker, not washed-out version, is to be found in every tiling and DIY shop in France at the moment. It’s the latest fashion. This washed-out, muted one is what we finally chose from Maison de Passion to replace the shiny white tiles in the apartment. I hope our future tenants are going to like it :).

      1. Susan Walter

        Oops, sorry 🙂 I’m sure it looks better in real life! I obviously haven’t been hanging around decorating stores enough lately.

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