We visited Montrésor many years ago in winter and found it dark and gloomy and hardly worth the visit except for its beautiful staircase. We returned by bike on a lovely sunny day and what a surprise! And I’ll let you guess who’s in the painting.

Nous avons visité le château de Montrésor en hiver il y a quelques années. On l’a trouvé sombre et sans grand interêt en dehors de son bel escalier. Nous sommes retournés en vélo un jour ensoleillé et quelle belle surprise ! Et puis je vous laisse deviner les personnages du tableau.

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7 comments on “Château de Montrésor

  1. June

    Thanks for posting. Wonderful to look at from such a distance as unlikely I will ever be there….Western Canada

  2. Michael Summers

    It was a very hot day in July when we visited, and along with some nice shots of the interior I got a great shot of the chateau from the bridge over the river.

  3. Lesley

    If you are The Emporor I suppose that you never get to sitting down with a book and one of your kids without someone wanting to paint you..(If that is he?)

    1. avril Post author

      It is! With his son the King of Rome

    1. avril Post author

      Yes Napoleon and his son the King of Rome. I don’t know who’s in the first one either.

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