Having been told that I’m not supposed to be riding a bike or going beyond a 2-km radius from home for physical exercise during the lock-down, I went for a walk in the woods behind our street and saw masses of these beautiful flowers.

Ayant été informée que je ne dois pas faire du vélo ou m’éloigner de la maison de plus de 2 kilomètres je suis allée me promener dans le bois derrière notre rue où j’ai vu ces belles fleurs en grande quantité.

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4 comments on “Covid Confinement Day 3

  1. Helen Dobbin

    It must be difficult to stay in doors when spring is being sprung, after a long winter.

    1. avril Post author

      It is especially not being able to cycle but we are luckier than many people.

    2. avril Post author

      Helen, we are lucky because we have spring in our garden but for many it must be very hard.

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