Loire Connexion, Amboise

Tonight was our monthly Loire Connexion meet-up at Le Shaker in Amboise.
Ce soir c’était la rencontre mensuelle de la Loire Connexion au Shaker à Amboise.

Amboise Loire River

Amboise Reflected – Amboise en réflexion

Last night we went to our monthly meet-up with the Loire Connexion in Amboise. The weather was perfect.
Hier soir nous sommes allés à notre rencontre mensuelle avec la Loire Connexion à Amboise. Il faisait un temps parfait.

Amboise Loire ConnE

Amboise on a Spring Evening – Amboise une soirée de printemps

85_amboise_springIt was just after 8 pm when I took this photo of Amboise Castle on our way to the monthly meeting of Loire ConneXion* at Le Shaker on Ile d’Or. As beautiful as ever.
Il était juste après 20 heures lorsque j’ai pris cette photo du château d’Amboise lorsqu’on se rendait à la réunion mensuelle de la Loire ConneXion* au Shaker sur l’île d’Or. Toujours aussi beau.
A friendly anglophone and anglophile community in the Loire Valley with an “x” factor. We are:
– eXpatriates of all different nationalities.
– eXplorers – French nationals who may have lived abroad, work internationally or just enjoy time spent with an international crowd.
– eXceptionally English – We live in France. We speak French. But, when we get together, we enjoy speaking English. We welcome anyone who wants to join the conversation!
– eXchange eXperience & eXpertise – At our relaXed and informal events, we have a great laugh, but also provide a safe haven of support and friendship. We naturally share contacts, information and support to make Loire Valley living even more pleasurable.
Join us!


Amboise in August – Amboise en août

Here’s my once-a-month photo of Amboise. Every first Friday of the month, the Loire Connexion, a friendly anglophone and anglophile community in the Loire Valley, meets informally at Le Shaker, a cocktail bar on l’Ile-d’Or. Come and join us sometime! Just a reminder, here is last month’s photo.
Voici ma photo mensuelle d’Amboise. Tous les premiers vendredi du mois, la Loire Connexion, une communauté anglophone et anglophile de la vallée de la Loire, se rencontre de façon informelle au Shaker, un bar cocktail sur l’Ile-d’Or. Venez nous rejoindre à l’occasion ! Un petit rappel de la photo le mois dernier.