This owl is at the foot of reclining statue in the lapidary section of Blois Castle but that is all I know.

Ce hibou se trouve au pied d’un homme couché sur le côté dans la section lapidaire du château de Blois mais je n’en sais pas plus.


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4 comments on “The Owl and the Foot – Le Hibou et le pied

  1. Stuart

    Judging from the expression on the owl’s face, I think he just got kicked by the foot !

  2. avril Post author

    I think you’re right! He does have a somewhat smashed expression.

  3. Susan Walter

    At a guess I’d say the sandalled foot belongs to a soldier (dressed in Roman or maybe Greek style). The owl is associated with Athena, one of the deities who protected soldiers.

    1. avril Post author

      Thank you Susan!

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