I love seeing real windows and shutters in the troglodyte dwellings along the Loire. This one is in Turquant.

J’adore voir de vrais fenêtres et volets dans les maisons troglodytiques sur la Loire. Celle-ci se trouve à Turquant. 

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7 comments on “Blue Troglodyte Shutter – Le volet bleu de troglodyte

  1. Stuart

    I’ve never been inside one of the troglodyte homes. I wonder what it’s like to live in one. Pretty quiet I imagine.

  2. avril Post author

    I’ve only been inside a troglodyte restaurant in Vouvray.

  3. Susan Walter

    I’ve only ever been in troglo restaurants or a gîte. The gîte stank once you got to the troglo bit because they hadn’t kept the heating running overwinter. We’ve had clients stay at Les Hautes Roches in Vouvray and they complained that the rooms were too warm and smelled a bit damp. I’d like to go in to one that is privately and permanently lived in. The theory is you run your heating on low all year round to get the interior temperature up to about 16°C to manage relative humidity and comfort temperatures. It’s a lot like managing an historic building.

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, I can’t imagine they are very salubrious!

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