Another magnificent clematis, this time a Clematis montana on a wall in our street in Les Grouets.

Une autre clématite, cette fois-ci une clématite montana sur un mur dans notre rue aux Grouets.



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5 comments on “Clematis on a Wall – Clématite sur un mur

    1. avril Post author

      I’m going to plant one on my front wall!

  1. Susan Walter

    This is Clematis montana. More commonly seen than C. armandii, and will grow huge and dense. One of the few clematis that doesn’t need careful maintenance — just hack it back once it gets too big.

    1. avril Post author

      Thanks, Susan. I specifically included the second photo so you could see the flowers up close. I suspected it wasn’t a C. armandii. I’ll change the text. Does it flower for a long period? Do the leaves stay green like C. armandii? It would look perfect on our wall!

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