photo_167_arch_to_nowhereI loved going under this archway when we cycle between Blois and Saint Dyé sur Loire. It used to be connected to a bridge before, of course.

J’adore passer sous cette arche lorsqu’on fait du vélo entre Blois et Saint Dyé sur Loire. Autrefois, bien sûr, elle était reliée à un pont.


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3 comments on “Arch to Nowhere – L’Arche qui mène nulle part

  1. Stuart

    In the States, this would be known a bringing home the bacon to the local district. Never better exampled than the “bridge to nowhere” in Alaska. At least this one has some charm to it. Nicely captured !

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, Jean Michel says that this isn’t really an arch to nowhere but I liked the sound of the title …

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