photo_178_meissen_castleWhen I saw Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen, I was immediately reminded of the Renaissance staircase in Blois Castle, though this one is much more rudimentary. Note the double sundial on the left as well.

Dès que j’ai vu le château d’Albrechtsburg à Meissen j’ai pensé à l’escalier Renaissance au château de Blois, bien que celui-ci est beaucoup plus rudimentaire. Notez bien le cadran solaire double à gauche.


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7 comments on “Postcard from Germany: Meissan Castle – Château de Meissen

  1. William Kendall

    It’s beautiful, and feels so light!

  2. Susan Walter

    J’ai tout à fait la même impression!

    I had exactly the same thought!

  3. Stuart

    Me too !

  4. avril Post author

    Do you all mean “full of light”? The inside was designed with many windows for that reason but unfortunately it turned out to be impossible to heat despite all the ceramic stoves.

  5. Stuart

    Sorry, I meant that it reminds me of the château at Blois !

    1. avril Post author

      Oh, OK.

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