The Christmas decorations may have been disappointing, but I loved these orchids in the grand dining room at Château de Cheverny.

Les décorations de noël sont peut-être decevantes mais ces orchidées dans la grande salle à manger au Château de Cheverny sont splendides.

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4 comments on “Orchids in Cheverny – Orchidées à Cheverny

    1. avril Post author

      Coming from North Queensland I love orchids.

  1. Susan Walter

    These white tropical orchids seem to be a favourite with Cheverny for the dining room table. I notice that in the last year or so all the 19th C dining room oak suite pieces have received protective glass. This makes it much safer to put flower arrangements out, but does subtly alter your view of the furniture.

    1. avril Post author

      Well yes “subtly alter is a subtle way of putting it! It’s a real pity although I understand why.

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