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Europe's Tallest Christmas Tree – Plus grand sapin de noël en Europe

photo_312_tree_chevernyWe went to Château de Cheverny today to see the tallest Christmas tree in Europe – that’s it on the right. Not as impressive as we had hoped … the interior Christmas decorations were very disappointing as well.
Nous sommes allés au château de Cheverny aujourd’hui voir le plus grand sapin de noël en Europe. Vous le voyez à droite. Mais la décoration laisse à désirer tout comme cella à l’intérieur.

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I think chateaux might be scaling down Christmas decos. So few people seem to know they do them, even the locals, I suspect it isn’t worth it. Last year’s tree at Cheverny was on the lawn in front of the house closer to the old main gates. It was rather good. They didn’t do any decos inside though, which, considering how ornate and original Cheverny is anyway, I thought was rather sensible. It’s probably a risk not worth taking from a curatorial point of view.
We are planning to visit Chenonceau on Christmas day.

I can’t say anything for this year, as I’ve not been IN the castle recently.
But last year, there was one different Christmas tree in each room!!

When did they go in? They certainly weren’t there on 26 November when I last visited last year, but the Christmas tree in the grounds was. Chenonceau on the other hand certainly did have trees in virtually every room, but as of mid-November this year hadn’t started their Christmas decos (cf late October last year, when the big tree in the long gallery went up).

Not sure. Not that long ago. We wanted to go somewhere last Friday to have a break and nothing else was happening until Saturday.

Goodness, they were much more tasteful last year. I didn’t even bother taking photos, they were so disappointing. Thanks for sharing.

I would have just put a proper tree with tasteful decorations in the entrance so that it doesn’t detract from the rest of the interior. Chenonceau should be lovely on Christmas Day because they always have such lovely flower arrangements.

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