photo_153_steps_chateauThis is the staircase that leads from Place Louis XII, on the same level as the Loire, up to Blois Castle.

Voici l’escalier qui mène de la Place Louis XII, au même niveau que le Loire, jusqu’au château de Blois.

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4 comments on “Stepping up to the château – L’escalier qui mène au château

  1. Nina Elliott

    Why did I show my husband your photograph this morning? I might have known he would want to climb the stairs next week but my guess is we won’t get very far! I shall vote for your car park!

  2. avril Post author

    @ Helen – That’s for certain!
    @ Nina – I had you in mind when I posted the photo. They are not too bad is you have a rest half way! It’s not actually a car park but a street on which there are parking metres. We didn’t have time to go there today I’m afraid but I’m sure you ‘ll find it.
    @ William – great view from the top!

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