I found this clock in the most unexpected place – a secondhand shop in a little village in Sologne. How it got there I don’t know!

J’ai trouvé cette horloge dans un lieu très inattendu : dans une brocante dans un village en Sologne. Mais je ne sais pas comment elle a atterri là !

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6 comments on “The Dolphin Club Clock – L’horloge du Dolphin Club

  1. avril Post author

    All should be well now. I’ve changed the settings to Loire Daily Photo. Well, the Dolphin swimimng team explains it all – though why did I find it in the middle of nowhere?

  2. butcherbird

    I’m thinking that perhaps 1924 was a year of Olympic games & maybe even in France, & that might be part of the story

    1. avril Post author

      Very clever – that could well be the reason! Thank you Butcherbird.

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