It all looks very domestic doesn’t it, i don’t know what the fire was intended for but it was just next to a mediaeval jousting ring at Meung-sur-Loire castle.

On dirait une scène de la vie quotidienne n’est-ce pas? Je ne sais pas à quoi était destiné ce feu mais il se trouvait à côté d’un terrain de joute médiéval au château de Meung-sur-Loire.

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6 comments on “A Mediaeval Camp Fire – Un feu de camp médiéval

    1. avril Post author

      No sure how mediaeval they are though …

  1. butcherbird

    There are some hooks hanging down from the steel frame across. I’m hoping it is for the billy or hot water for the shower.

    1. avril Post author

      I thought they might make roast boar or something but didn’t see any sign of it.

  2. Stuart

    It looks romantic but I’m guessing the novelty of cooking this way would wear off quickly nowadays.

    BTW, we’ll be mostly on the road for the next 7 weeks, so my commenting may be more sparse than usual! One of the trips is a bike tour down the canal du Midi. I hope my backside will be ready for it.
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    1. avril Post author

      At the moment, my kitchen is half in the garage and half in the laundry while the kitchen in the house is being redone. That’s enough for me!

      Have a lovely holiday! That is the problem with canals, of course – they are hard on the backside.

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