photo_285_shelter_CDPLavoirs or wash houses are to be found throughout France and were still in use in the mid-20th century. They provided shelter to washerwomen all year round. This one is in Suèvres.

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9 comments on “City Daily Photo Theme Day – Shelter

  1. Kay

    What a beautiful scene though it makes me appreciate my clothes washer.

  2. avril Post author

    @William – Yes, a lovely spot.
    @Kay – I certainly agree with you there!
    @Halcyon – Especially in the winter!
    @Stuart – What a coincidence! I love your black & white version
    @Grace – The lavoirs are often highly decorated in the summer with flowers
    @EC Camera Girl – Most villages have them. This particular one has at least two.
    @Sharon – We came across it quite by accident when cycling one day

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