The Bossons Glacier is a river of ice (the largest in Europe) that descends from the top of Mont Blanc in the Alps. The bottom end of the the glacier today has regressed, but it was still present at 1200 metres in the 1980s. at the end of the 19th century, the glacier went right down into the valley where it threatened to cut off the road. It has retreated 1200 metres with respect to the extensions observed at the beginning of the 20th century.

The monument on the right commemorates the fire that broke out in the Mont Blanc tunnel nearby on 24th March 1999 when a lorry caught fire. The violent fire that followed caused the death of 39 people and led to closing of the tunnel for 3 years. It lasted nearly 53 hours and caused the destruction of 24 lorries, 9 light vehicles and 1 motobike, not to mention the two emergency vehicles that were stuck in the tunnel.

Le glacier des Bossons est une cascade de glace (la plus grande d’Europe) qui descend du sommet du mont Blanc (Alpes). Sa langue terminale a aujourd’hui régressé, mais elle atteignait environ 1 200 mètres d’altitude dans les années 1980. À la fin du xixe siècle, le glacier descendait jusque dans la vallée, où il menaçait de couper la route. Il a reculé de 1 200 mètres par rapport aux extensions observées au début du xxe siècle.

Le monument à droite commémore l’incendie qui a eu lieu dans le tunnel du Mont Blanc juste à côté le 24 mars 1999 lorsqu’un camion a pris feu. Le violent incendie qui a suivi a causé la mort de 39 personnes et entraîné la fermeture du tunnel pendant une durée d’environ 3 ans. Il aura duré près de 53 heures et provoqué la destruction de 24 poids lourds, 9 véhicules légers et 1 moto, sans prendre en compte les deux véhicules de secours immobilisés dans le tunnel.

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4 comments on “Postcard: Bossons Glacier – Glacier des Bossons

  1. William Kendall

    The monument is particularly poignant. The scene is spectacular!

    1. avril Post author

      The fire was truly terrible.

  2. butcherbird86

    I remember the fire in the tunnel. Since then in Brisbane they made sure they have escape routes out of such tunnels.
    I loved the Glacier
    We will have to compare with some I’m viewing here in Reykjavik right now!

    1. avril Post author

      Shall look forward to seeing your glaciers!

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