Now, this one is a mystery. What on earth could be the signficance of this official bakery of Father Christmas in Blois?

En voilà un mystère ! Que pourrait bien être la signification de cette boulangerie officielle du père-noël à Blois ?

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10 comments on “The Official Bakery of Father Christmas – La boulangerie officielle du père-noël

  1. avril Post author

    No doubt, but what does it actually mean? Is there any tradition behind it? It seems so silly.

    1. Susan Walter

      So far as I can tell from their website they are self-appointed as la boulangerie officielle de pere noel. It’s just their Christmas strapline to advertise their Christmas products. (Yes, it’s silly…)

      1. avril Post author

        Do you know any bakery specialities for Christmas?

        1. Susan Walter

          Apart from the obvious buche de noel? I would include the post Christmas galette des rois. Also walnut and fig bread to go with foie gras. We no longer have a boulangerie under the Banette banner, so I can’t check what they might be selling.

          1. avril Post author

            I’d forgotten about the buche! It’s because I’m not a fan :).

    1. avril Post author

      Apart from paie de mie to go with foie gras, I don’t think there is anything in particular sold by bakeries at Christmas.

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