This, my friends, is of greater significance that it looks. It’s part of a rampart from the time of the Gauls. Built from 400 to 50 BC, is made of clay, wooden posts and a 10 m deep ditch. The presence of pebbles shows that it was added to at different periods of time to make it higher. We happened across it on the bike path near Amboise and went back to visit it recently with friends.

Cette construction, mes amis, est plus importante qu’elle n’en a l’air. Elle fait partie d’un rempart gaulois. Elevé de -400 à -50 il est fait d’argile, de pieux en bois et d’un fossé de 10 m de profondeur. La présence de galets montre que des recharges successives ont été faites à différentes époques pour rehausser le rempart. Nous l’avons vu la première fois en faisant du vélo à côté d’Amboise et nous y sommes retournés récemment avec des amis.

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5 comments on “Looking for Asterix – Cherchant Astérix

  1. Helen

    I must admit I didn’t see it as something historical but at 1st glance a hay store. Its age is mind boggling.
    Helen recently posted…Annecy, Perouges and LyonMy Profile

  2. Susan Walter

    Good strapline 🙂 I won’t steal it, but I’ve linked to you from my post (scheduled for a couple of weeks time).

  3. Lesley

    Sorry to say that my first thought was : There’s a guy having a pee!

  4. avril Post author

    @Helen – That’s how I felt the first time we saw it – we nearly rode right past!
    @William – It certainly
    @Susan – Thank you, I rather liked it myself! Thanks for the future link-up.
    @Lesley – ha,ha, very good! I included Jean Michel reading the sign to give an idea of size 🙂

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