Amboise Churches Doors

Through the Keyhole – Par le trou de la serrure

I love the way you can see one of the stained glass windows through the open door of the Romanesque church of Saint Denis Amboise. To me, it’s like looking through a keyhole.
J’aime bien le fait qu’on voit l’un des vitraux par la porte ouverte de l’église romane de Saint Denis à Amboise. Pour moi, c’est comme si on regardait par un trou de serrure.

6 replies on “Through the Keyhole – Par le trou de la serrure”

@William – Yes, I agree. They obviously leave the door open for that very reason because it was a freezing day.
@Susan – It was just staring me straight in the face!
@Lesly – Yes, it’s surprisingly well preserved, isn’t it?

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