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City Daily Photo Theme Day – Coffee House Scene

For this month’s City Daily Photo theme day, I wanted a typical scene in a French café in a provincial town so we went to Onzain, about 15 kilometers from Blois. It’s Sunday morning, about noon. The café also has a betting licence so people can buy lotto and lottery tickets and back horses, etc. It also sells tobacco and newspapers. We were surprised at how busy it was! To see other coffee house interiors across the world, click here.
Pour ma contribution ce mois-ci à la journée thème de City Daily Photo, je voulais une scène typique d’un café français en province. Nous sommes donc allés à Onzain qui se trouve à 15 kilomètres de Blois. Nous sommes dimanche midi. Le café est un PMU et un tabac et vend également quelques journaux. Nous étions surpris de voir autant de monde. Pour voir d’autres intérieurs de café à travers le monde, cliquez ici.

14 replies on “City Daily Photo Theme Day – Coffee House Scene”

@Susan – Oh, that’s a coincidence!
@Merisi – Yes, very popular.
@William – We were lucky to get a table!
@Dina – The owners really do cater for everyone
@Jack – Yes, it’s good for a small town to have such as place
@Helen – Jean Michel told me the races were in the afternoon.
@Stuart – I wonder how many achieve that?
@Grace – Thank you. I really like it too.
@Rob – So maybe that’s why there were so many people!
@Lesley – Yes, the day smoking was banned was wonderful, even if they still sell cigarettes.
@Halcyon – Oui, c’est vraiment typique!

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