Silver wattle or acacia dealbata, called mimosa in France, was imported into Europe in the 18th century from Tasmania in Australia. Its vibrant yellow is very much appreciated from January to March.

Le mimosa ou acacia dealbata, appelé Silver Wattle en Australie, fut importer de la Tasmanie au 18ème siècle. Sa couleur jaune vif est très appréciée de janvier à mars.

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5 comments on “Silver Wattle – Mimosa

  1. avril Post author

    @Helen – the main variety is silver wattle though you do see other varieties. We have one in our little wood.
    @William – I love wattle
    @Susan – Drat! Why didn’t I think of that?
    @Stuart – The snow’s gone, I’m afraid. Didn’t last long so there isn’t much white.

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