Isn’t this the most amazing gate? I think that the birds and beasts are representative of the area – the heron and ducks can  be seen along the Cisse and the Loire, Onzain is a wine-growing area (touraine-mesland), which explains the grapes at the top and the crayfish on the gate on the right comes from the name of the street, rue de l’Ecrevissière, from écrevisse which means crayfish.

Que pensez-vous de ce portail étonnant ? Je crois que les volatiles et bêtes sont représentatifs de l’endroit: l’héron et les canards se trouvent le long de la Cisse et de la Loire, Onzain est une région de vin (l’appellation est le touraine-mesland) ce qui explique les raisins en haut du portail, tandis que  l’écrevisse sur le portail de droite vient du nom de la rue, l’Ecrevissière, qui semble être un lieu où on attrape les écrevisses.

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6 comments on “The Busy Gate – Le portail habité

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, it seems to belong to some sort of tradesman, maybe a metalworker of some sort.

  1. Susan Walter

    Nicely done. The size of the crayfish is wishful thinking though 🙂 There is a talent sculptor working in metal lives in Onzain. I wonder if it is his work? It doesn’t look like his style though.

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, I’m not sure he was looking for realism! This place seemed to belong to a tradesman. We thought maybe a serrurier or other metalworker. I don’t know the metal sculptor you’re referring to.

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