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The Custodian Lion – Le lion gardien

I went walking in Les Grouêts today and found this B&B, guarded by a lion (and a dog!).
Je me suis promené aux Grouëts aujourd’hui et j’ai trouvé cette chambre d’hôte surveillée par un lion (et un chien !)

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It looks a beautiful day for walking. We did 17k’s yesterday, starting at 7am and the sweat was just running off us.
Clever you spotting the dog and lion. The grounds of the B&B must be beautiful in spring.

17 K – that’s not bad! I guess we can be expecting heat when we get to Australia on 14th February!
Yes, the grounds must be lovely and they also have a beautiful view I imagine.

We are just starting the search for a gite that will not only take our dog but has a fenced garden which will contain our dog who’s middle name is Houdini.

Well, if you have a dog called Houdini you obviously have to stay in Blois! I assume you know why. There was a plaque in the street we used to live in in Paris about Houdin. The B&B has a website. You could ask about dogs!

No, I did not know the Robert Houdin connection to Blois – and thence to Harry Houdini and our dog Ted.
I am so better informed now thank you. The B&B’s lovely gite is a bit rich pricewise for us though. I shall start looking in the area.

You should try airbnb. My son stayed in a little flat in the main part of town at Christmas that wasn’t expensive and seemed good. I don’t know if you could have Houdini with you though. There is a little terrace at the back.

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