photo_211_cyclamensThis is the first September we’ve spent at Closerie Falaiseau – we were away last year – and we’re delighted with the weather and flowers. These little cyclamens have come out in our little wood. Thank you to our previous owners who did such as great job with the vegetation.

C’est le premier mois de septembre que nous passons à Closerie Falaiseau – l’année dernière nous étions en vacances – et le temps et les fleurs nous ravissent. Ces petits cyclamens viennent de sortir dans notre petit bois. Un grand merci aux propriétaires précédents qui ont si bien planifié le jardin. 

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5 comments on “September Cyclamens – Cyclamens en septembre

    1. avril Post author

      We used to go past a garden near Paris when we lived there that had masses of cyclamens under the trees. I always wanted to have my own. Now we do!

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, cyclamen grow in the autumn and winter here so I can imagine they wouldn’t like the heat.

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