This amazing holly bush (see photo below) is in Molineuf next to a B&B called Moulin des Charmes – and charming it is!

Ce merveilleux houx (voir photo ci-dessous) se trouve à Molineuf à côté d’une chambre d’hôte qui s’appelle le Moulin des Charmes qui correspond bien à son nom.


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7 comments on “Giant Holly – Houx géant

  1. avril Post author

    You don’t have holly bushes in Canada, William? I thought they were everywhere.

  2. sillygirl

    Our holly has suffered visits from robins plucking the red berries. All the birds hit the mountain ash berries as soon as they ferment then fly wildly – some crashing into our windows.

    1. avril Post author

      Hmm, we don’t seem to have that problem. The mountain ash sounds lethal!

    1. avril Post author

      Thank you! It was such a find. You usually see them in the forest with only a few little stray berries.

  3. butcherbird86

    Yes very charming. Love the aspect of the photo

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