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The Potted Tree – L'arbre empoté

Now take a good look at that tree on the right. I specifically took the photo to include the church on the left so you can see how big the tree is. I have searched the Internet but can’t find anything about it’s origin. I’ve certainly never seen such a big pot! The church is Saint Secondin, near.
Regardez bien l’arbre à droite. J’ai fait exprès d’inclure l’église à gauche pour que vous puissiez vous rendre compte de la taille l’arbre. J’ai cherché sur le web mais je n’ai rien trouvé sur son origine. Je n’ai jamais vu un pot aussi grand ! L’église est celle de Saint Secondin à côté de Molineuf.

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Are you sure the tree is in the pot and it’s not an effect of foreshortening? Is it a pot or the top of a water tower with a large tree behind? If it is it must be a short or partially buried tower. I did a quick twirl of the internet and couldn’t find anything either, except an NR article about the church itself, which is apparently ‘enigmatic’.

@William – For once, though, I would have liked a better camera!
@Bill – I’m hoping someone will know.
@Susan – We couldn’t really get close enough, but it was not a question of perspective because we saw it from all 4 sides. I think that the pot was probably built around the tree though I don’t know how or why! Maybe someone at the Loire Connexion tonight may know.

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