As well as the green dog, this house has four bikes leaning against the fence disguised as ornaments.

En plus du chien vert, cette maison a quatre vélos appuyés sur le grille en guise d’ornements.

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4 comments on “The Green Dog – Le chien vert

  1. Lesley

    Not dog owners as the green dog would be a bit ‘burnt away’ from the attentions of a resident. We have a lot of bikes that were Tour de France decorations a couple of years ago. They will come into their own again next year as the hoopla is to return. Cant wait.

  2. avril Post author

    @Helen – Yes, but it was a little dark for the usual boxwood. Often in the country areas you get big gardens like that.
    @Lesley – Ha, ha! I hadn’t thought of that. I don’t think the Tour de France has been through here though …
    @William – I’ve never seen one shaped like a dog before.

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