11_bd_boy_bridgeI don’t have much of a comic culture so I can’t identify the hero in the painting on the outside of the Maison de la BD (Comic House) in Blois. Can you?

Comme je n’ai pas une très bonne culture de BD je ne sais pas qui est le héro dans ce tableau à l’extérieur de la Maison de la BD à Blois. Et vous ?

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6 comments on “Who’s the Comic Hero? Qui est le héro de BD ?

  1. William Kendall

    Definitely European, so not of my knowledge, though it could be more of a representational idea instead of a character. I’ve seen that in comics shops here.

    She seems to have an adventurous sensibility.
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    1. avril Post author

      Adventurous sensibilty! That would have been a wonderful title!

    1. avril Post author

      I was embarrassed to realise I had never really noticed it.
      The framing was not easy so I’m glad you like it. You can’t step back very far and there are lamp-posts in some places.

  2. Susan Walter

    Whoever she is, she’s quite modern. No enormous bosom bursting out, no unfeasibly slender waist, no flowing mane of hair, not scantily clad. She looks like a reasonably normal attractive young woman.

  3. avril Post author

    Susan, you gave me the laugh I needed today!

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