241_pompe_godetWe came across this pump today when cycling around Chaussée Saint Victoire. It was used to provide water to the surrounding farmland during periods of drought. i’m not sure what we call it in English.

Nous avons vu cette pompe aux godets aujourd’hui en faisant du vélo à la Chaussée Saint Victoire. Elle était précieuse pour les agriculteurs pendant les périodes de sécheresse. 

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4 comments on “La pompe à godets

  1. Stuart

    How interesting. It looks like a water canon to me. And what is the meaning of the word godet in this context? Bucket? Is it used to fill buckets?

    1. avril Post author

      No, godet means the sort of bucket you have on a water wheel. I stupidly photographed the sign from the side and it’s blurry.

  2. butcherbird86

    It certainly is an impressive water pump!

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