Amboise Castles City Daily Photo theme day

CDP Theme Day – Photographing the Photographer

Amboise Castle is so photogenic that it isn’t hard to photograph the photographer. The photographer in this shot, though, seems to be aiming at something enitrely different!
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Le château d’Amboise est tellement photogénique que ce n’est pas bien difficile de photographier le photographe. Pourtant le photographe ici semble miser sur quelque chose de complètement différent !
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7 replies on “CDP Theme Day – Photographing the Photographer”

The bridge, a bird, someone on the river, the water as it rushes under the bridge — all possibilities. But my guess is she was taking the gabarre that is usually moored the other side of the bridge, through one of the arches of the bridge. I’ve done it myself.

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