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This modern palace built in the 19th century was the home of six sultans and their harems until the republic was proclaimed in 1923. It showcases the best craftsmen of Europe at the time and occupies a prime site on the Bosphorus. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take photographs inside. It then became the presidential palace until 1949 and was opened to the public in 1984.

Ce palais moderne construit au 19ème qui a hébergé six sultans et leur harem jusqu’à la proclamation de la république en 1923 fait étalage du plus bel artisanat d’Europe de l’époque.Il occupe un site privilégié sur le Bosphore. Malheureusement les photos d’intérieur sont interdites. Il est devenu ensuite le palais présidentiel jusqu’en 1949 et ouvert au public en 1984. 


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5 comments on “Postcards from Istanbul – Dolmabahce Palace

  1. avril Post author

    Yes, I really like that gate!

  2. Lesley

    The gate is spectacular (bit big for our house) but the star of the show is the posed and colour coordinated bird on the top!

    1. avril Post author

      Yes I thought that was a good addition, like the birds in my photo of the Blue Mosque. Not that I see them at the time – my eyesight is not that good :).

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