310_last_leavesWinter is coming closer and closer with the last leaves of the Virginia Creeper, red berries on the holly bush and flowers on the viburnun tinus.

L’hiver s’approche à grands pas avec les dernières feuilles de la vigne vierge et la présence des baies de houx et le laurier thym fleuri.

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6 comments on “Last Leaves – Dernières feuilles

    1. avril Post author

      Thank you! I bet you have none left.

    1. avril Post author

      Yes, it really is starting to get cold.

  1. Lesley

    Along with the leaves that need sweeping up, we have in the garden a lily (arum?) that has just flowered.

    1. avril Post author

      That’s amazing, though I have to say that when I cut back my arum lilies this week to protect them from the frost (which we’ve already had), there was an amazing number of very recent leaves.

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