I have never seen snow here today on 1st December before!

C’est bien la première fois que je vois la neige ici le 1er décembre !

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8 comments on “Early Snow – Neige précoce

  1. Lesley

    That is some bird feeder! Only for posh birds?

  2. avril Post author

    The torchpot loves it – and would you believe it was one of the cheaper ones! We also like the fact that it doesn’t take light away from the window.

    1. Lesley

      Sorry to be stupid but what is a torchpot ? Is this a French, English or Australian word? Is it a bird?

      1. avril Post author

        Sorry, I always forget it’s French because it sounds English to me. It’s a sitelle torchpot in French and a nuthatch in English.

        1. Lesley

          Thank you, found it in my Hachette as sittelle = nuthatch ( going both ways) but no mention of torchpot. Sounds as if it, the bird, should have a flaming red crest – even more so at this time of the year.

          1. avril Post author

            Very interesting Lesley. So, first I have to fix up my spelling and double the “t” in sittelle. I checked on the etymology of torchepot (another spelling error on my part, I see). It comes from the fact that the couple makes its nest in a hole in a tree. If the entrance to the hole is too big, the female makes it the right size using a mixture of mud, straw, vegetable fibres and saliva. “Torchis” is French for “daub” as in “wattle and daub”. I’m still not quite sure about the “pot” but I guess it’s like making a daub pot.

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