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Early Snow – Neige précoce

I have never seen snow here today on 1st December before!
C’est bien la première fois que je vois la neige ici le 1er décembre !

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The torchpot loves it – and would you believe it was one of the cheaper ones! We also like the fact that it doesn’t take light away from the window.

Sorry, I always forget it’s French because it sounds English to me. It’s a sitelle torchpot in French and a nuthatch in English.

Thank you, found it in my Hachette as sittelle = nuthatch ( going both ways) but no mention of torchpot. Sounds as if it, the bird, should have a flaming red crest – even more so at this time of the year.

Very interesting Lesley. So, first I have to fix up my spelling and double the “t” in sittelle. I checked on the etymology of torchepot (another spelling error on my part, I see). It comes from the fact that the couple makes its nest in a hole in a tree. If the entrance to the hole is too big, the female makes it the right size using a mixture of mud, straw, vegetable fibres and saliva. “Torchis” is French for “daub” as in “wattle and daub”. I’m still not quite sure about the “pot” but I guess it’s like making a daub pot.

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